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Sierra County Trails

Bowman Mountain Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 1277 feet elevation difference
Halls Ranch Trail — 6.3 hiking miles, 2105 feet elevation difference
Lafayette Ridge Trail — 4 hiking miles, 1583 feet elevation difference
Second Divide Trail —  7.2 hiking miles, 1442 feet elevation difference
Third Divide Trail — 2.5 hiking miles, 2062 feet elevation difference
Haskell Peak Trail —  2.2 hiking miles, 1117 feet elevation difference
Butcher Ranch Trail — 3 hiking miles, 2125 feet elevation difference
Deer Lake Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 1145 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Botanical Trail — 0.8 hiking miles, 274 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Fisherman Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 737 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Overlook Trail — 1.2 hiking miles, 607 feet elevation difference

Business Information

Alliance For Workforce Development ~ Sierra Work Connection

Whether you are seeking employment, wanting to improve your career opportunities, need helpful information, or looking for trained and skilled employees for your business, please come in or give us a call. 

The Mission of the Sierra Work Connection is to provide access to a comprehensive array of quality employment services, job-related education, and training opportunities to job seekers, employers, and the community.
Online training for starting a business

California What Grows Here

You can read more on Sierra County, it’s history and government by visiting the Sierra County Government’s Official Website or read gold rush stories at California Gold.

Starting a Small Business 101:  The Essential Steps ~ About.com

Nearby Chambers

Find More Resources, our affiliate chamber: Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce.

Resources & Recreation

Sierra Nevada Geotourism Mapguide: The web site provides useful information about the amazing sights and unique experiences of the region. It also highlights what visitors and residents are doing and can do to sustain and enhance regional values.