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President:          Michael H. Welbourn
Vice President:  Terry LeBlanc
Secretary:           Jan Buck
Treasurer:          Bonnie Jessee
PR:                      Barbara Hill
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Come visit Sierra Valley, Sierra County CA for an experience of a lifetime!
Not only beautiful, Sierra Valley is open to new and affordable business opportunities. The scenic State Byways present a wonderful contrast to the rugged crest and steep canyons on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with driving distances with Reno NV being a short 49 miles, Truckee 50, Sacramento 160, Redding 180, San Francisco 250, Los Angeles 538.  Moving up Highway 49 will lead you deeper into Gold Country and the Lakes Basin area, home of Sierra County’s magnificent Sierra Buttes and Sardine and Gold Lakes.
Sierra Valley is part of the continental crust that was dropped by the same faulting that raised the Sierra Nevada. The overlook on Highway 49, east of Yuba Pass, provides a spectacular panoramic view of this beautiful sub-alpine valley where Sattley, Calpine, Sierraville and Loyalton lie surrounded by the granitic mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
The scenery in Sierra County Sierra Valley varies from conifer and aspen forests, to drier woodland forests, to a large valley covered with crops, pastures, and wildflowers in the spring. Smaller valleys and meadows are laced with meandering streams. Old platy-barked ponderosa pine trees are a special feature in the landscape along the upper stretches of Highway 89 near Truckee. Cattle share the pastures with deer and other wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might see a cattle drive. Sierra Valley boasts fishing, birding, hiking trails, boating, biking trails and outdoor recreation galore. Amenities include campgrounds, lodging, historic buildings, and restaurants.
Personal and local, the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce, affiliated with the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce, welcomes you to explore our Sierra Nevada heritage, history, gold camps, ranches, water-channels, and birding sanctuaries. On our calendar you may find or post Sierra County Events. We care about each of our visitors, and members in a personal way. With ESVCC, you are a partner, a neighbor, a friend. We want our Chamber, our website, and our resources to work for you!


Support Sierra Schools Foundation Events!

The Sierra Schools Foundation supports the public schools of Sierra County and the Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District by providing supplemental funding. Our mission is to enhance student learning, promote strong teaching, and strengthen academic, social, and cultural programs. The foundation raises funds through generous donations from private and public sources and is accountable to parents and the wider community. Sierra Schools Foundation
Let us work for you, support the East Sierra Valley Chamber Of Commerce and ensure the future of Sierra Valley businesses and our local events!  
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